The Practera platform is a great tool which is flexible enough to power all types of experiential learning programs. To achieve the highest degree of flexibility, we have developed a complex system that allows for unparalleled customisation.

This complexity has one caveat: Getting started is not a breeze. Educators who have designed and delivered experiential learning in the past know how complex these experiences are and learning how to use Practera in an optimal way will take some time.

To help accelerating your learning and Practera knowledge, we are constantly adding new articles to our knowledge base and offer free chat and email support if our help articles don't provide the right answer.

In our Getting Started section, we explain the first steps needed to deliver a world-class project-based learning experience to your Participants.

Recommended articles that explain a few basics are:

And whenever you get lost - that's okay! We are just one click away to help you out with tips, tricks and best-practice advice either via chat in the lower right corner of your screen or via email:

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