Practera enables experiential learning loops that are closely aligned with Kolb's Experiential Learning Cycle. We have created a unique assessment type, "Moderated Assessments" which is enabling Administrators and Coordinators to facilitate the feedback loops. 

A Practera Feedback Loop consists of 

  1. A "Moderated Assessment" submission

  2. Mentor review and feedback (can also be done by Coordinator or Administrator)

  3. Participant rating of the feedback helpfulness

Step 1: Assign a Moderated Assessment Submissions to a reviewer

Pro Tip: Practera can automatically assign mentors when someone from the same team submitted a moderated assessment. Automated mentor assignment is turned ON by default in our templates (e.g. the GROW Mentor Program)

To see what your participants have submitted, you can simply head over to the ‘Submissions’ menu or click here. 

Then select the "Moderated" tab. To see all submissions for a specific assessment, click on the ‘Manage’ action on the right hand side for the specific assessment.

On the next screen, submissions are categorised in separate tabs by status.

To assign a review, click on the ‘Unassigned’ tab and see a review table. Go to the ‘Reviewer’ column on the right hand side. Then, click on 'Add Reviewer' and type in or select the reviewer name and hit the little tick mark to confirm your selection. You can assign Mentors, Coordinators and Administrators to provide feedback.

To do the review yourself, click on the ‘Awaiting Reviews’ tab and you will see a review table. Then, click on the pen icon and do the review. During the review, you will see the participant's submission and then you can provide your feedback. Once done, hit the ‘Submit Review’ button.

Step 2: Publish the feedback to the participants

When a mentor submits a review, you will get an email notification informing you about it. Finished reviews show up in the "Ready to publish" tab and can be published to the participants. Before publishing the feedback, you can review and moderate it if needed.

  1. head over to the ‘Submissions’ menu or click here. 

  2. select the "Moderated" tab and click on the ‘Manage’ action.

  3. select the "Ready to Publish" tab 

  4. (optional) view the mentor feedback by clicking on the hourglass icon in the "Reviewer" column

  5. publish the feedback to the participant by clicking on the megaphone icon on the very right

Pro Tip: Practera can automatically publish reviews as well. Automated publishing is turned ON by default in our templates (e.g. the GROW Mentor Program)

The participant (or all participants in the team if the assessment was team-based) will receive a notification that new feedback is available. Once they have read the feedback, they will rate its helpfulness and do a Pulse Check. Please click here if you want to know more about the 'Review Rating' feature.

Step 3: Monitor feedback helpfulness rating

At the end of the week, the person who gave the feedback will get a summary of its helpfulness to the participants. Administrators and Coordinators will also get a weekly summary informing them about the number of completed feedback loops and the average helpfulness rating.

That's it, you just facilitated your first Practera feedback loop and massively enhanced the probability of learning success! :)

For a more detailed explanation of the assessment workflows, visit our Assessments section.
For more information about the unique Practera Experience Pulse Check, read the Pulse Check article.

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