Whenever an experience has teams, a team chat widget will automatically become available on the Practera App. The chat widget allows teams to communicate and share files with each other.

There are multiple channels that are available:

  • Team channel with all participants and without mentors

  • Team channel with all participants and mentors

  • Individual channels between team members

Note: Individual participants cannot initiate a private chat channel with a mentor. A mentor however can choose to initiate an individual chat with a participant.

Monitoring the team conversation

On the administrator or coordinator dashboard, the team conversation of the channel with all team members including the mentor(s) can be monitored by selecting a specific team in the top header at the very top of the screen and then clicking on the chat icon (not the Practera support chat) at the very bottom right of the screen. The "Team Chat" channel will show the chat messages.

IMPORTANT: Messages you send will NOT display on the app and all other channels ("Coordinators" or individual team members) will NOT work.

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