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Achievements are automatically earned by Practera users when they fulfil certain conditions. Achievements and their conditions can be configured by Administrators. Milestones, Activities and Tasks can be locked or hidden until a user is awarded an achievement. Administrators can also manually award achievements to users, even if they have not fulfilled the condition(s).


Activities are part of every Practera experience. A milestone can have one or multiple activities. Activities can have one or multiple tasks (content topics or assessments)


A user role with full authoring and user management rights.


Our Practera mobile interface, a Progressive Web App (PWA)


Assessments are a type of task that participants need to complete while going through their experience. Assessments can have multiple types and are configured in the assessment centre. The most important assessment types on Practera are "moderated assessments" which hare part of the experiential learning loop and Team360 assessments, which allow for 360 degree peer feedback.


A cohort is the group of participants going through the same experience. It has a start date which marks the beginning of the experience.


Communications are emails that can be pre-scheduled or be sent ad-hoc to participants via the "Communications" menu.



An experience - also known as program, course, class, module - is a collection of milestones, activities and tasks that help educators provide project-based learning to their students or participants. Experiences can be team-based or individual, with or without mentors and can be simulated or part of a real world experience. Examples are internships, work placements, business projects, team-based learning courses, case studies, mentoring programs project-based learning modules.


Each moderated assessment requires a reviewer to provide feedback to the submitter. Normally, mentors give the feedback via their app, but oftentimes Administrators or Coordinators also provide feedback to their participants.



Milestones, Activities and Tasks can be hidden until a user is awarded an achievement. 


Practera helps educators to detect potential issues early and helps them manage individual or team-based interventions. Whenever an administrator or coordinator detects a red flag and reaches out, it is counted as an intervention.



Milestones, Activities and Tasks can be locked until a user is awarded an achievement. 



A user role on Practera - also known as Supervisor, Manager, Project Provider, Tutor


Milestones are part of every Practera experience. A milestone can have one or multiple activities.

Mobile App Emulator

The emulator lets you preview your project on the app by simulating an app right on your screen. It also lets you impersonate participants/students  via the enrolments screen.


Notifications are system messages that notify Practera users about important events via email, SMS or in-app messages/



A user role on Practera - also known as Learner or Student

Pulse Check

The Practera Pulse check lets you stay in control of the sentiment within your experience. It lets you measure in real time how your participants and mentors are feeling, enabling you to detect experiential learning interventions earlier than any other system.


A program is an internal collection of milestones and activities including their tasks. a program also holds achievements that are not directly linked to elements. Technically, a project 'lives' within a program, which in turn 'lives' within an experience.


There are several progress measures on Practera. Most importantly, the overall project progress (a percentage of tasks completed vs. not completed) and the assessment progress (the number of submitted assessments vs the total number of assessments). The cohort progress is visible on the Enrolments page and the individual participant progress is accessible on the Participant Report Card


A Project is the term for an experience that includes one or multiple milestones and all content for participants and mentors.


PWA is short for Progressive Web App - a website that looks and feels like an app, but which is accessible on all devices without downloading anything.

Report Card

The report card shows the progress of an individual participant and gives an overview of all submissions and average scores.


The person who provides feedback (or reviews) a moderated assessment.



A task is an element within a project activity. There are two types of tasks for participants to complete on their app: Consuming a piece of content (topic; consisting of video, text, audio, images, attachments) and submitting a piece of work (assessment)


The team360 is a special type of assessment which allows groups or teams to peer assess on pre-defined metrics or skills. After all team members have submitted their part, Practera generates individual digital and PDF reports for each participant.


A team in Practera is defined as a group of users who are going through an experience together. A team can have any size and consist of any combination of Participants and/or Mentors. E.g. 1 Mentor and 1 Participant (typical work placement scenario), 1 or several Mentors and several Participants (typical project-based learning experience) 


A template is a snapshot of the content and configuration of an experience which can be imported into a new experience. You can export any experience as a template and after importing, you can tweak easily the experience without impacting the original one.


A timeline is a synonym for cohort. It has a start date which marks the beginning of the experience.


Topic is the Practera term for a piece of content, which is to be consumed by participants or mentors via the app.


A user of Practera is anyone with an Administrator, Coordinator, Mentor or Participant license.



Most of the content and element on Practera can be configured to be visible to only specific roles. E.g. a piece of content that helps a mentor to provide constructive feedback might be hidden to students.

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