Whenever you need to know everything about a specific participant or student, you will find all information at your fingertips on the Report Card. 

Show all assessments of a particular student on one screen.
Find out quickly which assessments haven't been completed.
Drill down into specific progress of a particular participant.

The report of a specific participant is accessible by navigating to the enrolments screen (People->Enrolments) and clicking on the progress indicator of the specific participant.

Key Metrics

At the top, below the name of the participant, three key metrics are shown

  1. Overall project progress (The same as participants see on their app)

  2. Assessment progress (The percentage of assessments that have been submitted)

  3. Average score of all moderated assessments 

Milestone Blocks

Each project milestone has an own section on the report card. Next to the "Flag" icon, the milestone title is shown. On the right hand side, the milestone progress is visible, which aggregates the activity progress of all activities within that milestone.

Activity Progress

Each activity within a milestone has an own row consisting of

  • Activity title

  • Activity progress (content and assessments)

  • Submissions (all submissions required to complete the activity)

  • Score (the average score of all submissions)

Submission Tracker

The submissions which are represented by icons in the submission tracker communicate the progress and status of the assessments.

  • Empty circle: Not submitted

  • Hourglass: Waiting for review or waiting to be published

  • Green circle: Submitted (Feedback Published for moderated assessments)

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