When delivering an experience, educators need to know where their participants are up to, if they progress well and who might be falling behind.

Practera enables educators to monitor project and experience progress in real-time for the entire cohort on the enrolments screen. 

(Go to People -> Enrolments)

The enrolments screen will show the progress of your individual participants once the registration is complete

The "Progress" column is divided into 

  1. "Overall Project Progress" which calculates the overall progress by comparing the number of completed tasks (topics and assessments) by the number of total tasks. This is the same progress percentage that is shown on the participant mobile dashboard.

  2. "Assessment Progress" which shows the status of all assessments per participant. 

Detailed Participant Report Card

To learn more about the detailed progress of a specific participant, clock on either of the progress bars to open up the Practera Participant Report Card

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