Practera makes it possible for Administrators and Coordinators to impersonate a student’s mobile experience and see exactly what they see and feel in real time. It also gives a feel for the screen layout and schematics of the project on the mobile app, during the project design phase. Once impersonated, the emulator slides in and displays your project configuration on the Practera mobile app in real time. The video below illustrates how to see the student emulator on Practera.

How Student Emulator works on Practera?

To see the student emulator, click on the ‘People’ drop-down tab on the left-hand side of the screen. On the drop down, click on ‘Enrolments’ option or click here.

To emulate a registered participant, click on the ‘login as user’ button on the right-hand side Action column or click here.

This will open up a mobile emulator impersonating your student’s mobile app in real-time as seen below:

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