As an Administrator or Coordinator, you would want the Students and Mentors, who are part of your learning program to know and keep track of all their important notifications. This would enable them to take the necessary action to improve the learning outcomes of the project.

What are the benefits?

“Your students and mentors will never miss a notification or a new message again! They can now receive real time in-app notifications directly in Practera – so they can stay up-to-date without leaving the application".

What are the different in-app notification options?

1. Review Assignment Notification:

As an educator, you can assign a student submission to a reviewer for review. As soon as a review is assigned, an in-app notification is triggered to the reviewer and this notification can be seen on the mobile dashboard.

2. Feedback Available Notification:

When an educator publishes a review feedback, the student receives a real time, in-app feedback available notification on his mobile device, which the student can then view and act on.

3. Unread Chat Message Notification:

Practera facilitates team collaboration by letting team members chat with each other and with their Mentor. The team members will receive in-app notifications for unread chat messages as seen below.

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