Do your students have an inflated perspective on their professional skills?
Have you had a student be completely baffled at their teamwork score at the end of a learning program?
Are you spending a lot of time acting as a mediator for your student teams?

Adding Team360 Assessments to your learning program might be a good solution! 

Practera’s Team 360 Assessment allows you to configure an automated peer review process in your learning program.

Step 1: Choose Skills

What skills are your students meant to be developing in your program? You could craft your own list or use an existing list like the NACE Competencies or the WEF 21st Skills. We recommend 5 - 10 skills for each peer feedback loop. 

Step 2: Choose a Scale

How do you want your students to rate each other? A score out of 10? Or a rating scale like strongly agree to strongly disagree? We recommend a scale of between 5 and 10 items. 

Step 3: Build your Assessment

If you are a master Practera Assessment Builder you can go ahead and build one from scratch! But if you’re a master time saver click your chat button in the bottom corner of your dashboard and let our Practera success team know how many skills you have an what your scale is and we’ll drop a ready made one in your draft assessements tab. 

Step 4: Add the Team360 to your Project

Now that your Team360 is built you need to decide where to put it in your program. We’ve tried regular intervals but found the most valuable feedback has come when we’ve added them after each major team deliverable in your program. Once you have decided how many you want to use clone the assessment you built as many times as you need (we recommend leaving a template in drafts just incase) and add them to the relevant activities. 

Step 5: Just kidding. There are only 4 steps! 

But, if you wanted to add some learning content and instructions that would help your students understand why they are doing a peer feedback loop, learn how to write constructive feedback and get some tips on how to use the feedback to build a skill development plan then let Practera Success know (via your chat in the bottom right) and we’ll add the whole Team360 process we’ve built to your learning program. 

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