This feature is part of our collaboration tools. Collaboration zones act as discussion forums and are an addition to the mobile app and accessible to all people in a cohort via a different link.

These forums can be used to provide users with the ability to share, comment on and like each others ideas, submissions, or posts.

There can be multiple collaboration zones in a program. Should there be more than one zone available, participants would see a menu which lets them select any of them. Each zone has a unique URL that can be shared with participants or added to project topics.


Any participant can add rich text and attachments to the "Posts" in the Collaboration Zone. All these posts are visible to all participants and can be commented on and/or liked.

This is a screenshot of an example collaboration zone. Here, you see the top section which includes a search functionality, a logo and optional categories (you can provide category images and descriptions). If you use categories, students have to submit their posts against one of the categories and can filter all posts by category.

You can also define the label of the 'posts'. In this example, the label is "Idea" and the collaboration zone title it "Idea Zone"

The posts are displayed below the categories. This overview shows the title, a mandatory feature image (which is required for every submission), the category, a content preview, the amount of likes and comments as well as the author.

Each post can be viewed by everyone on the collaboration zone.

Visibility & Access

These collaboration zones exist on a program wide level and are accessible by all users in a program. The collaboration zones are accessible to all registered users in the cohort via a URL. To access, users need to login with their Practera credentials (the same ones they use to access the app)


Categories allow you to separate posts into different semantic areas. If you use categories, students have to submit their posts against one of the categories and can filter all posts by category. For each category, you need to provide

  • Category feature image
  • Category description¬†

Collaboration zones as part of project activities or milestones

As stated above, collaboration zones exist outside of the project on a cohort-wide level. However, there are 2 ways to create activity/milestone specific zones.

Option 1: Creating Multiple Zones

You can create collaboration zones for specific Milestones or Activities in the project by creating multiple zones with descriptive titles (e.g. "Discussion for Activity 1"). Each zone will have a unique link which can be added to the respective milestone or activity on the app.

Option 2: Using Categories

Alternatively, you can use a single collaboration zone and create 1 category per Activity or Milestone. These categories could be named accordingly.  (E.g. Category 1 is called "Activity 1", category 2 is called "Activity 2" and so on). The same URL to the collaboration zone can be shared anywhere in the project.

Setup and Configuration

To setup a "Collaboration Zone" for your cohort, you need to provide us with a few key pieces of information:

  • Title
  • Logo
  • Label (default: "Post")
  • Categories (Feature Image, Description)

Upon receiving these, our experience design team will configure the collaboration zone for you. At the moment, it is not possible for you to create and configure collaboration zones by yourself. 

After the zone is published, you can add a link to that somewhere in a topic of your project through which the participants can access get access. To access, the participants use the same login credentials.

What's next

We also have other ways to provide peer feedback. For example through team360 assessments which automatically generate individual competency based reports.

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