Awarding achievements can have multiple reasons. Maybe you wanted to lock a specific activity or milestone and unlock it flexibly at some point, or you might want to award teams with certain achievements based on their behaviour or actions, or...

 It is really easy to do that on Practera. This feature is available to all Administrators

Step 1: Navigate to the "Manage Achievements" page

On your side menu, you find the "Achievements" in the "Gamification" category.

Step 2: Select the achievement you want to award

Click on the little trophy icon to get to award the achievement.
You can award any type of achievement: 

  • The ones with visible badges (which are shown on the mobile phone dashboards), 

  • the ones with hidden badges (which are only shown after they have been achieved) 

  • and the ones without badges (which are never shown to participants or mentors)

Step 3: Select the awardee

You can choose to award the selected achievement to participants, mentors, teams or the whole cohort. Simple start typing the participant or team name and select from the dropdown. Or select the whole cohort.

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