As an educator, you would like your students and mentors to have a seamless and enhanced user experience on the Practera app and be more engaged with your program and get the desired learning outcomes.

Deep linking lets your students and mentors have this enhanced user experience. Let's dive deeper into this feature.

What does this mean and what are the benefits?

"Your students and mentors will now be able to more easily access content via deep links, with essentially no navigation. They will be directed to specific screens on the app instead of the home screen from emails and sms notifications. Its like magic!"

How does the feature work?

How to set up deep linking for your experience?

Step 1: Navigate to the Experience List page

The 'deep linking' feature can be switched on/off from the experience configuration settings as seen below. To view the settings, click on the 'Set-up' dropdown and choose the 'Experiences' option.

Step 2: Navigate to the 'Edit Experience' page

Clicking on the 'Experiences' option will take you to a list of experiences. Choose the right experience and click on the edit button under the 'Action' tab on the right hand side. This will let you edit the Experience setttings.

Step 3: Switch on/off the feature

Once inside the 'Edit Experience' page, you can set the deep linking feature as ON/OFF, depending on the program requirements.

Please note: Practera switches ON this feature, by default. To disable this feature, please follow the above steps. We would recommend to have this feature always enabled to provide better user experience to the students and mentors and keep them engaged with your program.

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