To increase the collaboration between Students and Mentors on the mobile app, the 'File Sharing' functionality on the chat can be used to share learning content like images, videos and documents. 

This feature is provided to all app users who are part of a team. Using it, Students and Mentors can upload, download and preview PNG, JPEG, GIF images, MP4 videos, PDF, PPT, DOC,XLSX, CSV files on the team and individual chat channels.

Let's see how this feature works?

Using File Sharing via Chat

After opening the individual or team chat window, the user can see two file upload options as below:

Option 01 can be used to upload image file types like PNG, JPEG and GIF.

Option 02 can be used to upload MP4 video files and various file types like PDF, PPT, DOC, XLSX and CSV.

Sending and Receiving Files via Chat messages

Users can share these different file types via chat on either 'Individual' team member chat channels or collectively on the 'Team' only and 'Team + Mentor' channels as seen in the image below.

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