Practera provides a great review rating feature to enable its app users to rate the helpfulness of the feedback provided by their mentors or peers.

Please watch the video below to quickly see how it works.

Let us dive a bit more into it.

Review rating Elements

The review rating feature consists of three elements:

Rating Slider:

Users, after consuming the feedback and marking it as read, get to submit the review rating for that feedback. They can choose the rating on the slider provided as seen below:

Feedback Tags and Comments:

In review rating screen, users can quickly choose and let reviewers know what they thought of the feedback in the form of review 'tags'. They can also choose to leave a quick thank you note for the reviewer as seen below:

The review rating, tags and comments provided by students from one team are aggregated and an overall rating is provided to the reviewer in the form of a weekly email that looks like this.

Further, Practera collects the feedback helpfulness rating for all the moderated assessments that a reviewer has reviewed and collates and sends them as one single weekly email ( as mentioned above), saving time and effort for the reviewer.

This is how Practera utilises reviews and rating to improve the Student and Mentor experience and help Administrators and Coordinators facilitate feedback loops to improve the learning outcomes.

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