Adding custom activity background images (we call them "Activity Lead Images") to your experience enhances the user experience and gives you additional ways to personalise the mobile interface without asking the IT team for help!

In 3 minutes you will be able to add your own background images in 2 simple steps!

Note: This feature is available for Administrators only.

2 simple steps

Step 1 - Edit the activity that you'd like to add a background image for 

Step 2 - Upload a lead image that will replace the default card image

Image Dimensions

Our standard guideline which serves across all the different screen sizes suggests a 16:9 ratio with a high resolution image (above 800px width). Sample sizes would be 800x450, 1024x576, 1920x1080 etc.

Adhering to the recommended ratio to minimise the cropped area is important since the cards themselves are responsive to different platforms and the app logic centers the image and crops the excessive areas according to the card dimension.

After a successful upload, you will see the image appear instead of the "Upload Image" button.

Pro tip: Don't worry about how the image looks on this screen, the app displays the image in a different way.


Once you have saved your changes, you will see an image thumbnail on the Project screen.

If you want to see your changes in action, you can preview the experience and check your new activity card background.

How to remove or change activity lead images images

To remove or change the image, go back to the activity edit screen.

Remove the image

To remove the image and revert back to the default look & feel, simply click on the "Remove Image" button and save the changes. This will remove the custom background image and show the default instead.

Change the image

To change the image, simply click on the "Remove Image" button and upload a new one. Once you have saved your changes, you will see the new image thumbnail on the Project screen and on the app.


Cannot see the "Lead Image" feature?

If the "Lead Image" label doesn't appear on your activity screen, please reach out via the help chat in the bottom right corner and request the activation of this feature:


"Feature": {

        "project": {

            "activity_lead_image": true



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