Certificates of completion are a fantastic way to reward students with tangible evidence at the end of their experience. Practera can automate this normally very manual and intensive process by sending certificates directly to your participants.

Your participants will receive their own certificate link that can be shared via email, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. 

The certificate itself will be a website that is accessible by everyone who click the link.

Pro Tip: By using the certificate assessment as final survey, students are much more likely to  provide you with feedback that is historically very difficult to get. We have experienced a 99% final survey completion rate if it is linked to a digital certificate as opposed to a 30% completion rate if the final survey has no reward.

How it will look

How your participants will get their certificate

At the end of their experience, your participants fill out a final survey. In that survey, any question can be asked and all answers will be available to you. One of the questions will be what their preferred name is. The answer to that question will be used on their certificate after the "Presented to".

How to get certificates activated for your experience

To activate this feature, you need to get in touch with your Practera representative or reach out via chat at the bottom right corner. 

When the configuration is complete we either have updated your final survey or we have created a new final survey at the end of your experience.

Please prepare the below items to enable your Practera representative to do the required configurations.

What you'll need to prepare

  • A top header image

  • Certification Title (default: "Digital Portfolio")

  • Certification Description (optional, default: no description)

  • Up to 3 bottom images (recommended to have at least one image with a signature)

  • Additional questions you want to ask in the final survey

What your participants can do with it

After submitting the final survey, participants will get an email with a link to their certificate. This link can be shared with and accessed by anyone on the internet. For example, participants can add it to their LinkedIn profile or add it to their CV. To make sharing even easier, we added social sharing buttons at the top of all certificates.

How to customise the assessment

If you are an administrator on Practera, you will be able to change the final survey assessment. After your Practera representative has configured certificates for your experience, you will either see a new survey assessment (type "Survey") or you will find your final survey with an additional question. 

IMPORTANT: Do not change the title of the assessment or the first question of the assessment!

To delete, change or add new questions to the feedback survey, simply change or delete current questions or add new ones as you see fit.

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