What are badges?

Badges act as the indicators of accomplishment that can be earned; badges are a visual reward given to users for successfully completing a certain action and contain a digital watermark which enables their authenticity to be verified. Badges from multiple experiences can stack into Super Badges. Use these to represent major achievements or certifications.

As an educator, you can use badges as game mechanics to motivate desired learning behaviours and drive higher engagement from your students.

How to set up badges on Practera?

Step 1: Navigate to the 'Badges' page

Step 2: Add a new badge

Step 3: Basic options

Types of Badges:

  • Badges are always visible to the user in a listing of possible badges. They will be greyed out and will have the unearned description until they are earned.

  • Secret Badges only appear once they've been earned.

  • Super Badges are shared across an institution. They are earned as a result of earning a combination of badges across experiences.


  • when unearned: The description that shows to users that haven't earned the badge yet.

  • when earned: The description that shows to users that have earned the badge.

Skills demonstrated: If this badge demonstrates any specific skills, you can tag them here. These skills can be used to craft superbadges (e.g. you could create a "Communication Master" superbadge for your organisation that is awarded whenever a learner has earned 5 badges tagged with the "Communication" skill)

Points Awarded (optional): The amount of points earned when winning the achievement (only relevant if you want to award other badges based on total points earned)

Badge image: The Image of the badge. The interface will show how it looks to learners or experts in the different states (unearned/earned). We recommended using square image with a minimum width and height of 90px and a maximum file size of 256kb. This ensures the badge will be compatible with other badging platforms.

Step 4: Advanced Options

Emails this badge: Practera will send an email with the badge attached to the user once it is earned.

Check if earned when enrolled & teamed: If selected, Practera will award this achievement when a user gets enrolled or added to a team, if the conditions for this badge have been fulfilled. This is important if you want to add a new team member to a team that has unlocked content based on a team action like a team submission. Without this option, a new team member would not earn the badge for previous team submissions. And if that badge unlocks content, the user would not be able to progress.

Can be earned more than once: If the conditions for this achievement are met multiple times, the achievement will be awarded multiple times to the user. Each time earned will award any associated game items, points and open badges.

Publishes portfolio: If selected, earning this achievement will also publish an experience completion certificate or portfolio. This will send the portfolio URL to the user's email.

Step 5: Create a condition that triggers the badge

Conditions determine when an achievement is awarded to a participant.

Reach out to us for any help setting up the condition. As an example, we will describe a condition which awards the achievement based on an assessment submission.

First, select the "Assessment" trigger

Second, select the deliverable that should award the badge from the list of trigger items.

Third, select the "Assessment was submitted" property.

After saving the condition, any learner or expert who completes a submission of the selected assessment will earn the badge.

Now let's see how this looks on the app!

Mobile App Dashboard

There are always 3 badges on the dashboard, regardless of the number of total available badges. 

On the mobile app dashboard, users can see the latest badges and corresponding points earned as seen below:

Order of the badges

Badges are ordered based on 3 factors:

  1. Status (earned or not earned)

  2. Date earned (only if status is earned)

  3. Name (alphabetically)

In the beginning of an experience, all badges have the same status: "not earned". The order will therefore be based on the name of the achievements.

Pro tip: to control the order you can use numbers at the beginning of the name.

Once the first badge is earned, it shows at the left hand side. The remaining unearned badges remain ordered by name.

Once the second badge is earned, it shows on position 2, or in the middle with the previously earned one not changing position. 

When a third badge is earned, it is displayed in the middle position and the previously earned badge will shift to the left position. The badge that was earned at first will disappear from the dashboard view. The third position (right) always shows the 'next' (alphabetically by name) unearned badge.

Badge overview screen

Participants can tap on the 'View all' button and navigate to the 'Badges' list page, which displays all the visible badges (earned and unearned) that a user has earned or can earn during the program and the total points earned till date.

On clicking a badge, participant can see an information pop-up as seen in the image below, which provides more information about the respective achievement. The popup includes the following information:

  • Image 

  • Name

  • XP points

  • Description

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via chat and we can setup your badges together!

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