To stay on top of your experience, we have created an easy way to create, assign and track custom tasks for any experience.

Make your to-do list as simple or detailed as you need. Then, loop in teammates and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

The todo list is active for every experience and consists of issues that are added either manually by administrators and coordinators or automatically by our Practera AI based on statistical analysis and machine learning.

How to add a task

Adding a task is super easy. Start typing in one of the two text boxes and confirm by clicking on "create".
The task will appear in the section below the field that you used to enter it.

How to assign a task to an owner

Tasks can have owners who are then responsible to resolving the issue or completing the task.
Every administrator and coordinator sees two sections of the To-do list:

Issues assigned to me

'Issues assigned to me' (the top section) shows all tasks that were  

  • created by yourself in the top section, or

  • created by anyone in the bottom section and then assigned to you.

All other issues

'All other issues' (the bottom section) shows all tasks that were 

  • created by anyone in the bottom section and not assigned (i.e. assigned to 'all admins/coordinators)

  • created by anyone and assigned to someone other than you

To assign a new owner to a task, click on the arrow on the right hand side and select a new owner.

That person will receive a notification and see the task in their 'Issues assigned to me' section.
If you assign it to 'all admins/coordinators', no notification will be sent and the task will be displayed in the 'All other issues' section to everyone.


Whenever an individual is assigned as an owner, that person will receive an email notification.
The email notification will include a link that directs to the dashboard, so that the task owner can action on the task.

How to finish or delete a task

To complete a task, either either needs to be

  • marked as done (for manual tasks) by clicking on "mark done"

  • or the suggested action needs to be taken (for AI driven tasks).

Should the task no longer be required, you can simply remove it by clicking the "delete" icon (the red bin)

What's next

Find out how Practera AI automatically detects the most common issues and helps you resolve these with recommended actions and tracking.

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