Practera helps Administrators and Coordinators set up and manage events for the students and mentors in their programs.

How to create an event?

On the Practera dashboard, navigate to the options menu on the left-hand side and click on the ‘Calendar’ option.

Click on the 'Calendar' option on the right menu bar, which opens up a calendar page as seen below:

Navigate to the top right corner to ‘Timeline Events’. Under this, click and drag the ‘Activity session’ bar to the day on the calendar that you would like to add an event to. A ‘New Event’ form will display as below:

The 'New Event' form captures the event information. You can set this information by filling in the below details:

  1. Select the event type

Click on the event type dropdown to set the event type as seen below:

2. Link the event to an activity

Link the event to a learning activity by typing in the activity name or choosing from the activity list dropdown options.

3. Choose and set the event check in

You can choose to set an event check in assessment that participants or mentors will have to answer to complete the event check in. Click on 'Yes', type in the check in assessment's name and select the assessment to successfully link it to the event as shown below:

4. Set the event audience 

Choose the event audience(s) by clicking on the audience group/s. You can choose one or multiple audience groups.

5. Set the event start and end date 

You can set the event start and end dates and time as follows:

6. Set event reminders - in app & emails

You can choose when you want your students and mentors to be reminded of the event. Click on 'Practera Reminder' and set the reminder time. Practera will automatically send out event reminder emails to your students and mentors at this set time.

7. Set the event title, location, description and maximum capacity

Type in the event details and set the maximum capacity for the event.

8. Upload relevant files for the event 

You can upload relevant files to the event that provides more event information or context to the attendees.

Click on 'Save' button to save the event. The event will now display in the calendar and in the app.

TIP: You can choose to allow students to book into only one event linked to a specific learning activity. Go to the relevant activity, click on the 'Edit Activity' pen icon and set the 'Event single booking' toggle as 'YES'.

How to edit an existing event?

On the Practera dashboard, navigate to the options menu on the left-hand side and click on the ‘Calendar’ option. This should open up the calendar page. Next, navigate through the calendar to find the event you wish to edit.

Click the event in the calendar to view the event details and click the 'Edit Event' button.

See who is attending the events

Navigate to the 'Activity Sessions' section of the calendar page, where all activity sessions are listed.

Click on the 'Sessions' button next to the activity. This will open up the list of events linked to that specific activity.

You can download a CSV file to export the list of students who have booked the event.

Let your participants book their spots

Practera provides your participants and mentors an event booking functionality in the app. They can find and book upcoming events, receive event notifications and check in to the booked events.

See how your students can book and check into the events on the Practera app.

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