Practera facilitates educators and program coordinators to send program communications to different user groups like students and mentors. On Practera, this can be done in three different ways – select the user type (e.g. student, mentor, etc.) , manually enter the user email or upload a CSV with user email ids.

In this article, we will look more closely at adding users to your comm using the CSV upload functionality.

How to add users via CSV upload?

On the Practera dashboard, navigate to the options menu on the left-hand side and click on the ‘Communications’ option.

This should navigate you to your communication centre page as seen in the screenshot below. Next, click on the “Add Comm” button to create a new piece of communication.

Clicking on the “Add Comm” button should open up an Edit Communication page. Now, navigate to the "Upload a CSV file" field and click on “Choose file” button.

Choose and upload the CSV file from your device with the email of the students. Add the user email addresses under one column in a single line CSV file as seen below:

Once uploaded, you can see the attached file and click on the “Here” button to add users.

Clicking on the “Here” button opens up a confirmation page which displays the emails you uploaded via the CSV file. It also displays the registration status of users whose email was uploaded. The uploaded emails are grouped as per this status – registered, unverified and not enrolled.

Now, click on the “Add Users” button to add these users to your comms. 

You can see these newly added users to your comms in the “Additional Users” field as seen below. You can also choose to delete these new additions by deleting them from the field as seen below:

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