Practera facilitates educators and coordinators in setting up and managing events for the students and mentors in their programs. 

Participants and mentors can find and book events, receive event notifications and check in to the booked events, on the Practera app.

Find events to attend?

Practera app makes it easy for the users to find upcoming events in your program. You can browse or search the upcoming events by learning activity or events dates.

Login to the Practera app and select the program you are part of. Click on the 'Event booking' icon on the top right corner of the app dashboard.

You can browse the upcoming events by date or by learning activity. Click on the 'Filter by Activity' dropdown to filter the events by activity.

Booking an event

Booking an event on Practera app is quick and simple. Register for an event with just a few taps, and you'll receive a confirmation email when you have booked an event successfully.

To book an event, navigate to the all events page and click on the event you want to book. This will open up an event details page as seen below. Click on the 'Book' button to book the event. After booking, this event will move from 'Browse' to 'Booked' event tab.

Users will receive a booking conformation via email.

View the event details

Click on the event to see the event details. The event details include the event date, time, location, maximum capacity and number of seats available.

Checking into an event

Once a participant arrives at the event, Practera app lets the user check into the event easily in a few taps.

Navigate to the event details page and click on the 'Check-In' button. This should check you into the event.

Canceling an event

Users can easily cancel a booked event; this frees up the seat for other users to book. To cancel an event, click into the booked event and click on the 'Cancel' button.

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