Practera provides a password security check feature to enable an extra layer of protection for your Practera account and for your mentors and students using the Practera App.

How does it work for you?

We have integrated a password security check that securely compares your password with passwords that have known vulnerabilities. Specifically, Practera will check your password with a public database of insecure passwords. If present in the database, Practera will inform you that your password is vulnerable, and will require you to reset the password.

We will send you a password reset email to the email address you provide to us. Alternatively, you can also choose to login directly into your Practera account using the direct login link sent in the same email.

How does it work for your mentors and students?

On login, Practera checks if the entered password is present in the public database of vulnerable passwords. If present in the database, Practera informs the mobile app users that their password is insecure and will require them to reset their passwords.

We will send them an email with a password reset link. Alternatively, they can also login directly into the Practera app using the direct login link sent via the same email.

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