Administrators often need to copy assessments into a new program and maybe make some minor tweaks. That's easy by exporting an existing assessment and importing it to a new program.

The imported assessment can be edited and the edits won't affect the original assessment.

Export the current assessment

The first step is to export the structure of the current assessment.

Go to the assessment centre and locate the assessment you want to copy.  Click on "Export" on the right hand side and select "Structure"

After clicking, a .json file will be downloaded to your machine. This file includes the entire assessment configuration which is needed to be imported in any program that you have administrator access for.

Import the assessment to a new program

To prepare for the import, open the file with a text editor or your internet browser. 

Note: Don't worry about the gibberish. You will not need to understand what is written there :)

In the new program, navigate to the assessment centre and click on import.

Copy the entire text from the text editor (the json file) and paste it into the text box on the import screen.

Clicking "Save" will import the assessment and you will be redirected to the familiar assessment editor page. 

When you have made all required changed (if any), click "Publish" to make the assessment available to your participants.

Note: If you don't click "Publish", the assessment will stay in the "Drafts" tab of the assessment centre.

If you have any remaining questions, please feel free to send us a chat message, we are here to help!

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