On Practera, educators can easily set up assessment due dates and corresponding notifications to help students submit assessments on time. This will save your time, otherwise spent on follow-ups and let you focus on providing great experiences to your students and delivering your program, efficiently and effectively.

It is easy to set up assessment due dates, corresponding notifications and track overdue submissions on Practera. Click here to learn how

You can also choose to display or hide the assessment due dates on the app. Please note that only sysadmins have access to both 'Experience' and 'Program' level configurations*.

Display assessment due date on the app

You can choose to display assessment due dates on the app by switching on this feature for an entire experience or a specific program, within the experience.

If switched on at an experience level, students can see assessment due dates on the app for all the programs within that experience. Switching on this feature in the 'Experience' configuration, automatically enables assessment due dates for all Programs within that Experience.

However, if you want to switch on this feature for a specific program within an experience, you can do so in the 'Program' configuration.

How to switch this feature on?

Step 1: Select the experience

To select an 'Experience', you can click on Set-up dropdown [1] from the global navigation menu on the left. Select Experiences [2] from the dropdown options. To find out the relevant experience, type in the experience name in search bar [3].

Step 2: Switch on the 'Display due date in app' feature

To edit the Experience, click on the 'Edit' icon. This will open the 'Edit Experience' page. You will find the setting to switch on the 'Display due date in App' feature on this page. To enable this feature, set the toggle value to 'YES'. To save and publish your changes, click on the 'Save' button.

*Important: Please note that only sysadmins have access to both 'Experience' and 'Program' level configurations. To switch on this feature, please ask your Practera customer success contact or send us an email at help@practera.com.

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