In this article, you will learn how you can automate the assessment review and feedback part of the experiential learning loop that sits behind every moderated assessment on Practera.

The benefits of these automations are increasing project outcomes by reducing the time and effort it takes between students submitting their assessment and receiving feedback. Minimising this time has a positive impact on overall project success because the earlier your students receive the feedback, the more time they have to incorporate what they learned from it in their next assessment.

Automatically assign reviewers

After a student, or a team of students, have submitted a moderated assessment, a coordinator or administrator of the experience is required to assign a mentor to provide feedback to the student(s). How this is done manually is described in our intro article for the experiential learning loop.

To automate this step and never lose time between submission and reviewer assignment, Practera offers an auto-assign feature. 

When turning on the auto assign feature, ELSA will assign each submission instantly according to the review settings for you.

The settings page has following options for automatically assigning submissions:

  1. Auto-assign reviewers

  2. Assigned Reviewer Role

  3. Assigned Reviewer Group

Auto-assign reviewers: Yes/No

To activate the feature, go to your assessment edit screen for a moderated assessment (or create a new moderated assessment) and navigate to the "Review" settings. Change the "Auto-assign reviewers" setting to "Yes".

Assigned Reviewer Role: participant/mentor/coordinator/admin

You can select which role should the reviewer be. E.g. if you want to auto assign people that you enrolled as "mentors" as reviewers, select "mentors".

Assigned Reviewer Group: team/program

If you select "team", Elsa will assign the person with the matching role within a team to be the reviewer. E.g. In a program that consists of many teams of multiple students and 1 mentor, ELSA would immediately assign the respective team mentor whenever a team member submits a moderated assessment.

Note: If  "team" is selected and more than one person fits the specified reviewer role , all of them will be assigned. Once a review has been submitted, all other assigned mentors will be notified that a review is not necessary anymore.

If you select "program", Elsa will assign the person with the matching role within a that program to be the reviewer. ELSA will select based on the number of already assigned submission. I.e. whoever was assigned the least amount of submissions will be assigned next.

Note: If ELSA cannot find a user that would be eligible to be assigned, you will receive an email notification. Depending on your assessment configuration that means that either a team has no mentor and the program has no mentor.

Further questions?

If you need any help with the setup, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via chat in the bottom right corner. We are here to help!

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