It’s easy to customize the Practera App so that it reflects your brand logo and colours on the app and you can help students have a great experience on the app.

In Practera, the app customisation settings are based on the role hierarchy that your account maps to.

  • An 'Admin' or 'Coordinator' role will provide access to app theme colour and card layout customisation settings.

  • A 'System Administrator' role will let you customise the login screen, URL*, app theme colour and card layout settings. 

You can easily configure the customisation settings in the next two steps.

Step 1: Find the experience

You’ll find everything you need to customize for your Practera App in your Experience settings in your left-hand menu.

To select an 'Experience', you can click on Set-up dropdown [1] from the global navigation menu on the left. Select Experiences [2] from the dropdown options. To find out the relevant experience, type in the experience name in search bar [3]. 

Next, click on the 'Pen' icon to edit the experience and set your custom branding settings.

Step 2: Add customisation settings

Login screen customisation

In the 'Edit Experience' page, you can you can upload the brand logo you want to display on the app login screen.

Important: For the logo to correctly display on the login screen, you need to ensure that one program configuration is mapped to one specific app URL.

Set app theme colour and card layout

You can easily set the theme colour and the card style for your app in the same 'Edit Experience' page as seen below.

*Important: Practera also provides custom URL customisation. Please contact us if you want to set up a custom URL for your app experience. We will set it up and running for you :)

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