The most beautifully designed learning experience doesn't work if there are no participants enrolled, so let's go through the different ways you can add new users. 

Note: you need an administrator or coordinator account to add new users.

On the admin interface, go to People->Enrolments to navigate to the enrolments page.  In the top right corner, click on "Add Enrolments" to add new users to your current experience.

To add new users, fill out the required fields

  1. Licenses: Check if you have licenses remaining. If you need more, please contact us via email or chat in the bottom right corner

  2. Select Role: Select the role of the user.

  3. Select Cohort: Select which cohort you want to enrol the new users in. Note: Admins and coordinators will gain access to all cohorts in the current program.

  4. Upload a CSV file: You can bulk upload users for the selected role by uploading a CSV file in the correct format. To ensure the correct format is used, please download the "Sample CSV" that is displayed in the blue box above the role selector.

  5. Add participants manually: You can also chose to manually enrol users. The format that is required is "participant_email,participant_id,name" - e.g. ",1234567,Phil Laufenberg"

After clicking "Save", your enrolments will be imported. IMPORTANT: Your new enrolments will NOT have access to Practera yet!

In a final step, you need to send registration emails (invites) to your new users. You do that by going back to the enrolments overview screen and sending invitation emails.

  1. send invites to all new enrolments or

  2. send invites to individual new enrolments (click on the little aeroplane icon)

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