On Practera, you can create time based achievement conditions to award students who submitted assessments on or before the set due date and time. This will help you identify students who are well engaged with your program and and students who need more attention. You will also be able to reward them for their timely submissions.

Create an assessment due date based achievement condition

Step 1: Navigate to the 'Manage Achievements' page

Click on the 'Gamification' drop down on your side menu and select 'Achievements'.

Step 2: Select the achievement and create a new condition for it

On the 'Manage Achievements' page, click on the condition (as shown below) to create a new condition for the desired achievement.

Step 3: Set up the assessment date based condition

To set up the assessment due date based condition, select the below options.

  1. First, click on 'Select model' and from the drop down, select 'Assessments' [1].

2. Next, link this new condition with the assessment you want the condition to be awarded for. Click on the dropdown and choose the desired assessment [2].

3. Next, select property as 'submitted_date' from the dropdown options [3].

4. Select when you want to award this achievement to the student [4]. You can set assessment due date and time [5]*. The students will get this achievement, only if they submit before this set date and time.

Click on 'Save' to create the new achievement condition.

Please note that the date in [5] defaults to the current system date and time defaults to the cohort assessment submission time. You can edit/update these date and time fields as per your requirements.
You can easily award an achievement to the student. See how can you do it here.

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