These images show on the experience switcher page and are set for each individual project or program by administrators or coordinators.

In order to set the image, 1) navigate to the projects menu and 2) click on "Edit" next to the project title as shown below.

On the edit screen, click on "Upload Image" and upload your lead image.

Note: To the images scale according to the device used by a participant. We advise to use a 16:9 ration to ensure the best possible outcome across all form factors.

Width: 800px Height: 450px The ratio is 16:9 .

Any dimension that is in line with the aforementioned ratio is producing the best user experience.

After uploading a lead image, it will appear in the experience switcher. If no lead image is set, a default image will be shown:

After saving, the app will update and display the new lead image to all users.

Note: If a user is only enrolled in one experience, uplon login the user will be directed straight to the dashboard and won't see the experience switcher.

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