The new Practera Desktop View marks an important milestone in our mobile strategy, making us truly “mobile first“ and “scalable” across platforms and devices. It will let users access the Practera app smoothly and consistently across various devices and screen sizes - be it mobile, tablet or desktop. It will provide an enhanced user experience and usability on Practera app. Let's look into the benefits provided by the Practera Desktop View. 

Scale to any screen size

The new Desktop View will enable Practera app to be scalable across any screen size - be it mobile, tablet or desktop screen, without compromising the user experience on the app. Now, users can go through learning content, perform learning tasks and receive feedback seamlessly on both mobile and desktop screens.

Simplified app layout

One of Practera app's key features is its ability to show the learning content and assessments in a clear and organised card layout. The new Desktop View enhances this feature as the new split pane layout makes it easier for users to see what they are working on or where they are along their learning activities. Users can now switch between tasks (within an activity) easily and at the same time view the content of the selected task. Existing features like events booking and chat have new simplified layouts in the desktop view.

Better navigation

With the new Desktop View, we have customised the position and layout of the navigation tabs on Practera app depending on the device used to access the app. While Practera mobile app has navigation tabs at the bottom, the Desktop View has them at the top for better usability and navigation.

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