To support online learning, Practera and Zoom partnered up to ensure administrators, educators, and students can remain connected. By integrating Zoom Meetings you can now easily create video conference meetings directly from Practera and improve your online experiential learning experience.

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Let’s check out how you - as an admin or coordinator - can create a Practera Zoom meeting and how users (student/mentor) access that meeting via our app.

Step by step: Add a Zoom meeting to your event

Start on the calendar overview of your Practera account and follow these three easy steps to create a Zoom meeting.

1 Connect your Zoom account*:

Connect your Zoom account by clicking the “Add Zoom” button, which can be found here:

  • Calendar Overview:


  • New Event (click a date on the calendar to create a new event):

After you click on the “Add Zoom” button you will be redirected to the Zoom sign-in page, where you need to enter your Zoom account credentials to connect your account to Practera.

*To be able to use the Zoom feature you need a Zoom account. Sign-Up here.

Zoom Sign-In:
Sign in to your Zoom account.

Confirm the permissions the app requires and click Authorize.

*If you can't connect your Zoom account with Practera please check the following setting under the Zoom Marketplace for the Practera app. If you can't turn on the "Pre-approve" toggle to install the integration, please check with your email account administrator to pre-approve this setting for your account. (see image below)

You know that you are successfully connected to your Zoom account, if the “Add Zoom” button changed to:

  • "Zoom Configured" in the Calendar overview:

  • "Zoom Meeting" in the New Event window:

2. Schedule a new event:

Next step is to create a new event after you connected your Zoom account successfully by clicking on a calendar date. A “New Event” pop up will appear, which requires you to fill out the mandatory event details to be able to create a Zoom meeting.

Mandatory fields:

  • Link to: Choose an activity form the drop-down list to link your event to it (e.g. new event “Orientation Session” link to “Welcome Participant” activity).

  • Title: Give your event a name.

  • Date: Set a date. Please note, that your date must be in the future.

3. Add the Zoom meeting:

After filling out the mandatory fields, you can click on the Zoom toggle to turn your event into a Zoom meeting.

After you created your Zoom event, it will appear in your calendar and you can always click on it to be able to edit it or to join the event.

Pro Tip:

Always check if you have chosen “Participants” under “Audience” to make the new event visible to your students and use the “Reminder” to send an automated notification to your students, so they don’t miss the meeting.

4. Uninstall your Zoom account from Practera

If you want to uninstall or change your Zoom account you need to follow the next steps:

  1. Enter the calendar on the left hand side of your navigation bar.

2. Click on the bin icon next to "Zoom Configured" on the right hand side.

3. Confirm to remove your Zoom account from Practera.

How the User on the app will join the Zoom meeting

After you successfully added Zoom to your new event, it will appear on the Practera app, ready to be booked by your students.

1. Browse Meeting

By clicking on the event icon on the app navigation bar, the event browse overview will appear and show all available events.
To better identify Zoom events we included a Zoom tag on the right hand side.

2. Book Meeting

After a user clicked on an event the details will appear as well as a button to book that event. At this point users will only see a Zoom Meeting without a link to ensure that just users, who booked the meeting can join Zoom and the given capacity will not exceed.

3. Join Meeting

After a user booked a meeting it will appear in the "Booked" event section and the event details will now include the Zoom link. To join the Zoom meeting the user will just need to click on the link and will be redirected to the Zoom meeting.

*Due to a new Zoom limitations participants are not able anymore to use the "Dial-in" (=call the phone number listed on the event and listen to audio only) feature. Participants can still enter the Zoom meeting on their phone by clicking on the "Join Zoom meeting" link.

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