While we have spend a lot of time crafting beautiful standard templates for our Practera system generated emails, we understand that you might want to change these to match your brand and style guide. Email template customisation is available to all customers on Practera.

All system generated emails consist of two parts:

  • The overall layout and color scheme

  • The content

To change either of them, please reach out to us and provide the relevant information as outlined below.

Changing the branding and colors:

To change the colors and header image, you can provide up to 5 different elements

1) Banner
An image with the dimensions 1,200x720px, not larger than 200kb. A good way to minimise your web assets are free tools like https://tinypng.com

2) Top Background Color
The hex value of the desired color at the top. Eg #2963c2

3) Bottom Background Color
The hex value of the desired color at the bottom. Eg #2963c2

4) Button Color
The hex value of the desired button color. Eg #2963c2

5) Hyperlink color

The hex value of the desired hyperlink color. Eg #2963c2

Changing the text content:

To change the content of a specific email notification, please provide
- the updated text content
- the notification (e.g. enrollment reminder notification)
- the user role who should get the updated text content (participant, mentor, coordinator, admin)

You can send the information to directly to your account manager or to one of our customer support specialists who are just one click away via the chat function in the bottom right corner of your Practera interface.

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