Use the event function to meet your students and make your experience even more interactive. You can create events for different occasions such as the orientation session to on board your students in the beginning of your experience or at the end of your experience to schedule time for their final presentation.

Here is a quick video on how to create an event:

Learn in 3 easy steps how to create events for your participants:

Calendar Overview

Start by clicking on the calendar overview on the left hand side of your admin navigation bar.

Open new event

You can see now all your previous created events on the calendar overview. Click on any calendar date to create a new event.

Fill out mandatory fields

A “New Event” pop up will appear, which requires you to fill out the mandatory event details to be able to create a new event.

Mandatory fields:

  • Link to: Choose an activity form the drop-down list to link your event to it (e.g. new event “Orientation Session” link to “Welcome Participant” activity).

  • Title: Give your event a name.

Best practice

Always check if you have chosen “Participants” under “Audience” to make the new event visible to your students and use the “Reminder” to send an automated notification to your students, so they don’t miss the meeting.

After you created your new event, it will appear in your calendar and you can always click on it to be able to edit it or to join the event (e.g. Zoom meeting).

Check out how you can turn your event into a Zoom meeting to meet your students online - Click here.

How the participant on the app will join the meeting

After you successfully created a new event, it will appear on the Practera app, ready to be booked by your students.

1. Browse Events

By clicking on the event icon on the app navigation bar, the event browse overview will appear and show all available events.

2. Book Events

After a user clicked on an event the details will appear as well as a button to book that event.

3. Join Events

After a user booked an event it will appear now in the "Booked" event section.

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