You are an admin or coordinator and enrolled your participants to the experiential learning experience and now it's time you start with the next step: teaming!

In this article we will teach you step by step how you can:

  • Bulk team big cohorts

  • Create teams manually

  • Edit and/or delete teams

Bulk team big cohorts

Watch our quick video and learn how to team a big group of participants in a matter of seconds!*

*Attention: Just participants who are enrolled (People>Enrolments) can be teamed.

Step by step: Bulk team big cohorts

Start on the People overview of your Practera account, chose Teams and follow these three easy steps to bulk team your cohort.

1 Prepare your CSV file:

Prepare your CSV teaming file by adding the two columns "Email" and "Team" or use our template by clicking on the "Import from CSV" button and downloading it here.

Next you need to enter the email address of your enrolled participants and add the respective team (e.g. Email: Team: Team 1).

2 Upload your CSV file:

Once you prepared your CSV file you can upload it and it will automatically assign everyone to their respective team.

Notification: By clicking on the "Send notifications" check box, your registered participants will receive an email about their new team.

Pro Tipp:

Never worry about that you missed to team a participant! Just check out the "Unassigned" tab on your teaming page and get an overview of which of the enrolled participants are not teamed yet.

Create teams manually

Next to uploading a CSV file for teaming, you can also choose to manual create teams.

1. Create a new team

Create a new team by clicking on the Teams "+" button.

Edit and/or delete teams

Watch how easy you can edit your teams!

Step by step: Edit and/or delete teams

1. Assign and move/remove participants

You can add individual participants for every existing or new created team by clicking the "Add participant" bar and entering the relevant name or email.


You can add multiple participants from the "Unassigned" tab or any other exisiting team by (1) marking all relevant participants, (2) clicking the "Move to" button and (3) choosing the respective team.

2. Edit team name or delete team

Edit team name:

Click on the team you would like to change. On the right hand side you will see your team and next to the team name you will find the "pencil" edit icon. After you clicked the edit icon a new pop-window will show where you can edit and save the new team name.

Delete team:

Choose the team you want to delete and click on the bin icon on the right hand corner. After you clicked the bin icon, you need to confirm your decision.

Pro Tipp:

You are looking for a specific participant? Just start typing their name or email in our search bar, click on their name and the right team will open up for you.

Still have questions?

Get in touch with us through the bottom right corner messenger and we'll help you out :)

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