This article is for active or interested coordinators and admins, and will help you to understand and navigate the dashboard tab, the first page you land you on as a coordinator or admin. Learn what to look out for and how to make the most of the information available to you.

Basic data & how to use it

The dashboard is the first of several tabs available on your home page. There are few analytics at-a-glance for the program manager as soon as you log in, including enrolment figures, project build and key issues to address.

What can you see under 'Project At-A-Glance'?

  1. First, you’ll be able to see your project build broken down into key milestones. These are the chevrons at the top of the page. The chevron highlighted in a different colour is the stage your cohort is currently at, according to your project timeline.
    Want to know a little short cut? Click on one of the chevrons to be taken directly to your project build.

  2. Next, you’ll be able to see how many students/mentors/coordinators are enrolled. The percentage represents the amount who have registered, i.e. successfully created an account and accessed the app.

  3. You can send any unregistered participants a registration reminder with the click of a button by clicking on the paper aeroplane.

Welcome to ELSA

As you scroll down the page you’ll see there is a list of “issues”. This is ELSA - your AI-driven Experiential Learning Support Assistant (not the Frozen character, but we like your thinking).

ELSA flags issues to the coordinator that are important to quality experiential learning. These are small issues before they become bigger issues, such as overdue submissions, overdue reviews, or team dissonance.

In a couple of clicks, the coordinator can send impactful interventions to keep the cohort on track and ensure positive participant experiences.

To learn more about how ELSA works, please head to the following help articles:


So you’ve learnt what information is available to you on the dashboard tab and what to do about it. We think you might be interested in learning about the other tabs on your dashboard, such as:

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