This article is for coordinators and admins, and will help you to understand the contents of the Progress Tab and what it tells you about the status and completion level of submissions.

The Basics

As a program manager you want to know if your cohort is engaged and on track. One of the key data points to measure this is if they’re submitting their tasks on time.

The Progress Tab displays participant progress against all in-app submissions. These are assessments of any type - team, individual, reflection, moderated, quiz, Team 360.

The table can quickly and visually display:

  • The status of completion for all learner submissions

  • Whether the submission was on time or overdue

  • Whether they’ve received feedback

How to use it

Let’s take a look at the details of this tab and how you can filter for the information you’re after.

You will see all participants listed in the Progress Tab, as well as their team (if they’re in one). If you have a large cohort you may want to use the search tool in the top right-hand corner to find a specific participant.

If you would like to see how teams are doing collectively, you can select “VIEW PROGRESS BY TEAM” in the bottom left-hand corner of your Progress Tab. The table will now only display Team Submissions.

You can also adjust the order of names by level of submission completion. To do this, click on the heading ‘Team And Individual Submissions’ and you’ll see the arrow flip direction.

Let’s look at what the various colours and symbols mean.

For details of individual submission times and status, you can click on any of the symbols for more information.

What can you do with this information?

Now you know - in detail - how engaged your cohort are with their submissions, what are you going to do about it?

  • If you’ve uncovered that some students need to catch up on a couple of submissions, head to ‘Manage Submissions’ <link to Manage Submissions article> in order to send instant submission and review reminders.

  • If you’ve uncovered that your cohort is not engaging with the submissions as much as you’d like, you could reach out to them via the Cohort Chat <link to Chat Tab article> and re-establish your expectations or see if there’s anything wrong.


So you’ve learnt what information is available to you on the Progress tab and what to do about it. We think you might be interested in learning about the other tabs on your dashboard, such as:

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