This article is for coordinators and admins, and will help you to understand and respond to the data available on your Participants Tab, including extracting all participants’ progress % in a CSV file and identifying participants who haven’t logged in for a while.

The Basics

When delivering an experience, educators need to know where their participants are up to, if they are engaging with the in-app materials and tasks, and who might be falling behind.

The Practera Participants Tab enables educators to monitor students’ real-time activity on the app based on the number of days since they last logged in.

The Available Tools

Export Records as csv

Let’s take a look at what functionality is at your fingertips in the Participants Tab.

Firstly, Export Records allows you to export all participants’ level of completion of available in-app content. Simply select your cohort and hit ‘Export Cohort Progress’ to download a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet will show you the number and percentage of topics each participant has completed. Note: It will only show you topic completion figures for the topics that participants are meant to have completed at the point of your export, according to your project timeline.

Participant Activity

The Participant Activity section will show you real-time data for the number of days since login for all participants.

In order to see specific participant details, click directly on the bars. The names will pop up in a table below.

What to do with this information?

In general, program managers want to see their cohort is engaged and all in the green section, i.e. all active in the last week. However, all experiences have different cadences and level of expected interaction. So you need to decide what is a “red” or “green flag” for your experience and the expectations you set for participants.

For example, if there are two weeks between deliverables you won’t be concerned if students slip into the yellow section. However, if students are supposed to check-in to the app daily and you can see some students haven’t engaged for 4 days, it’s probably already time to intervene.

How can you intervene?

We’re glad you asked! You can send personal or automated interventions in a number of ways. Here are some articles to learn more:

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  • <link to What is ELSA>

  • <Link to Interventions Tab overview article>


Nice work, you’re now beginning to understand how to track student engagement with the app and considered what level of engagement you will be expecting to see from your participants. Other places you can track engagement are:

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