Interventions Tab (Practera 1)
Log all your manual and automated interventions in one place using the Interventions Tab on the dashboard.
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This article is for coordinators and admins, and will help you to keep track of the interventions you and other program coordinators are making throughout the learning experience.

The Basics

The Practera dashboard is rich with live data and tools to quickly intervene and keep learners on track with a click of a button. As a program manager, you will be rapidly actioning to-dos using ELSA, sending reminders from the Manage Submissions tab, or sending out comms to teams or individuals. But how can you track and evidence what interventions you’ve made for teams or individuals?

The Interventions Tab is your solution.

The Interventions Tab can be manually and automatically populated with program manager interventions.

Automated Intervention Logging

Every time that you mark an action on ELSA as “done” (Take action > Mark done), that intervention will be automatically logged on your Intervention Register on the Interventions Tab.

Every intervention/message that ELSA sends includes an action link at the bottom that guides participants to exactly where they need to go to address the detected issue. The "Suggested action taken" toggle will indicate if someone has clicked on that link - either in the SMS or email.

Interventions that ELSA may suggest include:

  • Reminder to submit overdue submissions or reviews

  • Assign a reviewer

  • Publish a review

  • Team dissonance

  • Negative sentiment

For more information on how ELSA detects issues and how to respond to these issues, please head to:

Manual Intervention Logging

You may make other interventions using tools other than ELSA, e.g. send comms, Cohort Chat messages, a phone call, send reminders on the Manage Submissions tab, or send reminders on the Enrolments tab. If you want these interventions to be logged, you will need to add them manually to your Interventions Tab.

To do this, simply click the “Log Intervention” button at the top of the Interventions Register. Then fill in the required details: the target of the intervention; the reason; the action taken; the date.

You can manually select Yes or No in the “Suggested Action Taken” column once that team has responded.


You now know how to log an intervention and how to track if your ELSA interventions have been actioned. If you’re still not confident about how ELSA detects issues or how to respond to these issues, we recommend you read:

<What is ELSA?>

<How to delegate or action a to-do>

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