This article is for coordinators or admins who need to enrol new users into their experience. We will show you two different ways to enrol and invite new students and mentors to the app, and new coordinators and admins to the dashboard. We will also show you how to remind participants to register.

So, in short, this is an essential program manager task in order to kickstart your users' experience. If they're not registered in your experience, they can't access it!

When would you enrol users?

  • Experience launch. Enrol and invite users a few days before the official launch so they have time to register and complete any onboarding.

  • Test users in preparation for launch. We recommend testing the learner and mentor view on the app before inviting real participants. You may also want to invite more coordinators or admins who will be involved in the program management.

How to enrol and invite users

When you enrol users, their details will sit on your Enrolments Page; however, the user won't be aware of this enrolment until you invite them. So there are two steps to this task: 1. Enrol, 2. Invite.

How to enrol users:

Before you get started, you'll need three pieces of information for each new enrolment: user name, user id, and user email address. That's it!

Note: the user will not see their user id. This is a label, such as a student id, to help you differentiate between users. If this isn't relevant to you, just repeat the user name in the id section too.

1. From your dashboard, navigate to to Participants/People >> Enrolments on the left-hand side of your screen.

2. Click the Add Enrolments button in the top right-hand corner

3. Select the type of user you want to enrol: participant (i.e. learner), mentor, coordinator or admin. Note: you can only enrol one user type at a time.

4. Select the cohort.

5. Fill in users' details either manually if you're enrolling a small number of users or upload a CSV file if you're adding larger numbers of users.

a) Manual enrolment

In the textfield, insert users' details using the format participant_email,participant_id,name, e.g.,Joe Blogs,Joe Blogs. Make sure each element is comma separated!

Hit enter, starting a new line for each new user. Repeat the process as needed and hit Save.

b) CSV enrolment

Download the sample CSV from the blue bar and hyperlink at the top of the Enrolments Page.

Fill in the 3 columns on the CSV: email, id, name. Do not add new columns, do not change column headings. Save as a .csv file.

Upload the file and hit Save.

New Users will now be enrolled. Note, any entries with formatting errors will be flagged.

If you want to edit users' details you can click the pencil icon next to each user on the Enrolments page. Note: you can't edit their email address. If the user needs a different email address, you'll need to create a new user.

How to invite users:

Okay, so you've enrolled your users, but you haven't invited them. Now, let's actually get them on the system (this bit's easy!).

  • To invite all participants at once, hit Send Invites to New Enrolments at the top of the Enrolments Page.

  • To invite participants one at at time, hit the paper aeroplane next to each user's name.

What next?

All participants have now been sent an automated email inviting them to register. They will need to create a password and after that will have the user access you have granted them.

How to remind users to register

If it's been a couple of days and your users still haven't registered, you may want to send them a reminder. Here's how:

  • To remind all participants at once, hit Send Reminders at the top of the Enrolments Page.

  • To remind participants one at at time, hit the paper aeroplane next to each user's name.

Let's take a look at how you can tell if a participant is active or not from the Enrolments Page:

A translucent paper aeroplane means the user has been enrolled, but not yet invited.

An opaque paper aeroplane means the user has been invited, but hasn't yet registered.

The appearance of the Progress Bar means the user has now registered on Practera.


Nice work, you now know how to enrol and invite participants, both manually and by CSV. You also know how to remind users to register.

What next? We recommend you head to the following article to learn How to Team Participants.

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