How to Publish Team360 Reports (Practera 1)
Learn how to manually publish Team360 reports and view Team360 submissions & reports
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You're a program manager who has Team360 Assessments in your experience. A wise choice - Team360s are fantastic for team-based projects! But did you know you need to manually publish Team360 Reports for your participants to be able to view the results?

This article will show you how to publish Team360 reports, as well as how to view and understand your participants' submissions.

You might ask, why do I need to manually publish Team360s and no other type of assessment? That's because participants might not all complete the Team360 at the same time and you're waiting for as many participants in a team as possible to complete the assessment before the reports are sent out. (Also, it's a safety buffer in case you want to check if the peer feedback given is appropriate!)

How to publish Team360 reports

  1. Head to the Assessments tab from your left-hand menu, and select Team360 as the assessment type

  2. Click Report next to the Team360 you need to publish > select the Cohort

3. You can either Publish All reports at once or publish reports on an individual basis.

When to publish Team360 reports

ATTENTION: You will only publish Team360 reports once all team members have completed the Team360 Self & Peer Assessment.

You will know that all team members have completed the Team360 once the number in the Done/Team Members column is the total number of team members minus 1.

E.g. In a team of 5 like the one below, the Team360 is ready to publish if the Done column displays 4/5.

After hitting Publish

Once you've hit Publish your students will receive an email with a link to their Team360 report straight away. You can re-send the report by clicking Send.

If further team members submit after the report is published, their feedback will not display on the report.

The Team360 report will look like this:

View Students' Team360 Answers & Reports

Want to see a student's submission?

If you want to see a student's submission to the Team360 and what feedback they've given to others:

  • Head to Assessments > Team360 > Manage

  • Then click View Submission next to the relevant student.

Want to see what a student's Team 360 report will look like?

To see the Team360 report a student will receive once you hit Publish:

  • Head to Assessments > Team360 > Report

  • Click View


Nice work, you now know:

  • Team360 Self & Peer Assessments need to be manually published

  • Publish them after all team members (or as many as possible) have submitted

  • You can view students' submissions and you can preview the report they'll receive

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