This article is for coordinators or admins who want to edit the due date and time of their assessments. We'll show you how to do this from your Calendar tab.

About Due Dates on Practera

Before you start changing due dates, we thought you'd want to know a bit more about how they work on Practera:

  • Did you know, all assessments on Practera have a due date and time? As an admin/coordinator, you can view these due dates/times from the calendar. You will also be notified by ELSA on the dashboard if a submission becomes overdue.

  • These due dates/times are generated automatically based on your experience workflow, the number of days each milestone and activity are designed to last and your Cohort start date/time zone. But don't worry, you can change the due dates/times generated by Practera (that's why you're reading this article, after all!)

  • You can choose whether or not you want your participants to see the due dates/times and receive automated reminders to submit. We recommend due dates & reminders are switched ON, unless you have a rolling cohort. Ask the Practera help team to switch ON due dates & notifications for you - you'll be able to adjust this setting yourself very soon, but just ask us for now :)

Here's how a due date will display for a participant in the app:

How to view & change due dates

  1. Head to Calendar on your left-hand menu.

  2. To make your Calendar really easy to view/manage, hide other Calendar Items and only view assessments (see screenshot below). You will now be left with just orange boxes, representing each assessment, on your Calendar.
    To see assessment details click onto the orange assessment box.

3. You have two options to change due dates/times

  • Either drag around the orange assessment box to the correct day

  • Or click directly on the orange box > click Edit > adjust the date and time > click Save

Oops! Can't see any assessments in your calendar?

You might be looking in the wrong month!

Assessment due dates are calculated using the Cohort start date. To see your Cohort start date click Participants/People > Cohorts > view the Start Date.

You can't change the cohort start date but, as you now know, you can change the assessment due dates!


Nice work. You now know:

  • All assessments have due dates/times

  • You can choose to display these due dates/times and send automated reminders or not - talk to the Practera help team to switch them ON

  • You can change due dates/times from your Calendar

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