You're an admin who wants to dig into the details and see what your participants are submitting, when and what feedback they're receiving.

Good news - you can do all that from the Assessments Tab.

The Assessments Tab is rich in information and tools, so in this article we'll help you find your way around. We'll teach you to:

  1. Track assessment progress

  2. View & delete submissions and feedback, and export data

  3. Assign/re-assign reviews

  4. Send reminders

First things first, make sure you're in the right place. The Assessment Tab can be found on the left-hand menu of your admin page:

Track Assessment Submissions

To track and view assessment submissions you will need to:

  1. Navigate to the correct assessment type (Moderated, Quiz, Reflection etc.)

  2. Click Manage next to the relevant assessment

How can I track assessment progress?

Once you've clicked Manage (see above) you can track submissions using the columns at the top of the assessment tables. These columns represent different levels of assessment completion and they vary slightly between different assessment types.

  • Quizzes, Reflections, Team360s, Surveys

For these assessment types, you can track submissions through the following levels of completion:

  • Moderated assessments

For moderated assessments (i.e. where someone will be providing feedback), you can track through the following phases:

Here's a breakdown of what each phase means:

In Progress: participant has started but not submitted the assessment

**Unassigned: the assessment has been submitted, but it hasn't been assigned for review. You can manually assign a reviewer from the Unassigned tab by typing a registered participant's name into the Add Reviewer field.

Awaiting Reviews: the assessment has been submitted and successfully assigned to a reviewer for feedback

Ready to Publish: this reviewer has provided feedback but the review hasn't been published yet. (Nearly all assessments are auto-publish, apart from Team360s).

Published: the submission and feedback loop is complete. Yay!

**Why are there submissions in the Unassigned column?

Were you expecting submissions to be auto-assigned to a reviewer? Submissions can sometimes fall into the Unassigned column if you haven't teamed your participant with a reviewer, which means the auto-assign functionality can't work. Learn how to create & edit teams HERE.

If you haven't made automated feedback loops already, we strongly recommend that you do. Fast feedback = impactful feedback! Find out how to create auto-assigned and auto-published assessments HERE.

View & Delete Assessment Submissions & Feedback

How can I see what participants have submitted?

To view submissions on an individual basis:

  1. Click Manage next to the relevant assessment

  2. Then, click the magnifying class to view an individual submission.

If you want to view all student submissions at once, we recommend you export the submissions as a CSV. If this is a moderated assessment, this action will also export the feedback. To do this:

  1. Find the assessment for which you want to export submissions

  2. Click Export > Submissions to download a CSV file

How can I see what feedback reviewers have given?

  1. Click Manage next to the relevant assessment

  2. Click on the Published column

  3. Click the magnifying class in the Reviewer column to view an individual submission and feedback

How can I delete submissions?

  • For Quizzes, Reflections, Surveys & Team360s, simply click Manage > and then the trash can next to the submission

  • To delete submissions for moderated assessments, you need to delete the review first. Learn how in this article.


ELSA will tell you when a submission or review is overdue and you can send reminders instantly from your dashboard. Learn how to action ELSA todo's HERE.

But since you're here, you can send reminders from the Assessments Tab too!

How can I remind participants to submit an assessment?

Note: if you have Due Dates turned on, an automated reminder will already be sent out ahead of the due date/time. So, this additional reminder might be once the submission has become overdue.

  1. Find the relevant assessment in the Assessments Tab

  2. Click Reminder. An automated reminder to submit will now be sent.

How can I remind reviewers to review an assessment?

We recommend feedback is given as quickly as possible, preferably within 2 working days. So, remind your reviewers to give feedback so that your learners don't miss out! Here's how:

  1. Find the relevant assessment in the Assessments Tab

  2. Click Manage

  3. Head to the Awaiting Reviews column

  4. To remind to review, you have two options:

  • Remind All Reviewers at once; or

  • Reminder Individual Reviewers by clicking the envelope next to a specific reviewer.

An automated reminder to review will now be sent.


Nice work. You now know:

  • How to track the progression of submissions

  • What to do if a submission is in the Unassigned column

  • How to view individual submissions & reviews

  • How to export submissions & reviews as a CSV

  • How to remind participants to submit & provide feedback

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