As an admin on Practera, you’ll need to determine which assessments and feedback loops to utilize at various points in your experiences.

We understand that deep learning comes from both timely feedback and critical self reflection. Practera’s assessment options give you flexibility to design the experience that is right for your learners by combining reflections, traditional quizzes, and high-impact moderated feedback.

Moderated vs. Unmoderated

As you build your experience on Practera there will be moments that you'll want your participants or mentors to make submissions. Moderated feedback loops facilitate individualized feedback from a reviewer on the work submitted. Non-moderated loops allow automated feedback based on replies, or can be used to collect data

The Basics

Listed here in order of feedback depth -- from least to most intensive -- are the available assessment types enabled by Practera:

Survey: used to collect opinions from learners and experts on the experience at different checkpoints. Surveys can be configured with different question types, but most often use likert or numbered scales.

Reflection: used to support learners to consider their own thoughts or reflect on a deliverable via text or video response questions. Reflections can be configured with different questions types but do not return a score and do not show correct or incorrect answers.

Quiz: asks learners to select a correct answer or answers. You can use weighting to set scores for each question and the overall quiz. Quizzes can also display automatic feedback on the answers selected by each learner, allowing them to gain insight on why choices were correct or incorrect.

Moderated: collects answers first from a submitter, then assigns a reviewer to look over the work and provide individualized feedback. Moderated feedback can collect documents, self assessment ratings, or checklists. It allows the reviewer to view the submitter’s answers to provide feedback and context. Reviewers can be peers (learners), experts, coordinators, or authors in the experience. For more information on how to set up a moderated assessment have a read of "Creating and configuring "Feedback" loops / moderated assessments"

Team360: provides a comprehensive self and peer assessment with participants placed in teams and working together on group projects. Participants rate their own skills and development. Then they can provide feedback on all their teammates. Once everyone has submitted, each learner can view feedback from their team. For more information on how to set up a Team 360 assessment have a read of this article "How to add Team 360 Peer Feedback Loops to your Learning Program"

All assessments can be used as conditions for achievements and badges in your experience. To learn more about setting up adaptive learning pathways using achievements, read "Creating Badges and Achievements for your Experience"


With these feedback types in hand, you can construct a learning experience that challenges learners while providing them with necessary support and guidance. In one experience, they can learn independently, from each other, and from both instructors and experts in the field. Check out the additional articles linked above for help configuring exactly the experience you need. The combinations and possibilities are endless!

For more information on Designing your experience and its adaptive learning pathways have a look through our Practera Design Collection

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