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Turn on Due Dates

If you're looking to have due dates implemented for the assessments in your program, you can! Each assessment has the option to have due dates and you configure the due date setting for each assessment individually (have a look at the screenshot below).

If you select "No", no due date will display for either learners or experts.

If you select "Yes", you'll be prompted to input the due date and time immediately.

If you select "Schedule Later", you'll be able to set the due date and time in Events from your experience menu:

Scheduling Due Dates

After you've turned on the due dates for an assessment, you'll be able to schedule them. If you select "Yes" to an assessment to having a due date, you'll be able to input that date and time immediately in that assessment:

If you select "Schedule Later", head over to Events on your menu and you'll see the available assessments to schedule on the right hand side under "Schedule Feedback":

Select the assessment you'd like to schedule, drag it onto your calendar, and set the date, time and details of your assessment due date. You can also set a reminder for your learners and experts!

Once your due date has been scheduled, you'll see the due date listed underneath the assessment when looking at the Feedback page.

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