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Your ELSA Dashboard

Once your experience is live, ELSA, your Experiential Learning Support Assistant, or Practera's experiential learning artificial intelligence, is activated! ELSA is a tool built into Practera's learning delivery that detects issues occurring in your experience and helps you to resolve them quickly and easily.

The Practera experience dashboard is the super tool that will empower you with real-time, rich data on your cohort’s progress and performance, as well as the solutions to quickly remedy and pre-empt any issues.

You'll see ELSA as a colourful dashboard on your Dashboard page:

Dashboard Data

Your dashboard takes all of the learner and expert user data from your experience and displays this data into four key metrics on the right hand side:


This metric will display the percentage of learners that have been active in the past 7 days. You are able to download a report the engagement of all of the learners in your experience.


This metric displays the number of loops completed. This means that learners have submitted their work, experts have provided feedback, and the learners have marked that feedback as read and provided a helpfulness rating, see image of review rating displayed to learner below. For this metric, each learner counts in a feedback loop. Therefore, a team submission of a team of 5 learners counts as the start of 5 feedback loops! You are able to download a report of the feedback loops for your experience and a CSV to review the Feedback Helpfulness ratings and comments provided by the learners to the reviewers.


This metric displays a percentage of learners who indicated that they feel confident after they received and read their latest feedback. This metric should let you know that learners are on the right track.


This metric displays a percentage of learners who indicated they feel happy after they received and read their latest feedback. This metric should let you know that learners are enjoying the experience.

Recommended Actions

On the left hand side of your dashboard, you will see the ELSA Recommendations that your Experiential Learning Support Assistant has made for you! This is based on all of the interactions that have occurred in your experience so far. Here you will find:

  • Recommended actions - The number of actions that ELSA has detected that you can take for your experience.

  • Feedback problems - The number of feedback helpfulness ratings that have returned with a score of less than 6.

  • Feedback required - The number of assessment submissions that are either missing a reviewer (have no reviewer assigned) or the reviewer was assigned more than 48 hours ago and no feedback has yet been submitted.

  • Off track learners - The number of learners who indicated that they feel off track after they received and read their latest feedback.

  • Overdue submissions - The number of submissions that are past their due date.

Take Action

Below this section, you'll find the list of ELSA Recommended Actions and their details. For each of these actions, you are able to click on the action and one of two things will happen:

  1. You'll be taken to the page on which you can take that action immediately. This happens for recommendations such as assigning someone to a team.

  2. You'll be given the option to send a message/nudge to the impacted users:

You can choose to deselect specific users from the list on the left if you don't feel they need the message/nudge.

You can then choose to write your own message to these users or select a message template from the top right corner "Use a message template..."

Once you're happy with your message, you can send it directly to the impacted users by clicking "Send to selected" on the bottom right.

That's it! You've taken action to keep your experience on track. Well done!

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