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A Practera user is anyone with an administrator, author, coordinator, expert or learner license. These user roles can be divided into two groups: those who design and deliver experiences (administrators, authors, and coordinators) and those who participate in the experiences (learners and experts). This article explains the full details of what these roles provide access to.

Adding new Admins

As an Institutional Admin, you have the ability to manage all aspects of Practera. The admin role is the highest level of Access. This means that an Admin is enrolled at an institutional level. To do this, you need to:

  • Click on the logo in the top left hand corner and select users.

  • Then select Administrators and click Add

  • Then type in the Admins Name and Email address and click Add. An invite will automatically be emailed to them, inviting them to the institution.

View all users in your Institution

The users tab will then show you all users within your institution. This includes all roles (Admin, Author, Coordinator, Learner & Expert) and their status (Active, Inactive, Pending).

Adding new Authors and Coordinators

Authors and Coordinators have access to one or a set of particular experiences. They do not have access to the whole Institution. To enrol an Author or Coordinator you need to:

  • Click on the particular experience tile

  • Click on Users within that experience

  • Click "Add"

  • Select the relevant role and insert the Name and email address associated with the Author or Coordinator and click Add.

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