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Triggers are a set of rules which award learners and experts automatically, but sometimes you want more control over them. You may wish to award learners and experts a manual trigger.

There are multiple reasons you may wish to award triggers manually. You may want to provide access to content after a certain event (such as an onboarding session) or you may want to provide teams certain activities of content.

For full information on how to set up a trigger have a read of this article "Creating and configuring triggers"

Awarding a manual trigger to learners or experts

It is really easy to manually award learners and experts on Practera. This feature is available to all Administrators, Authors and Coordinators.

Step 1: Navigate to the "triggers" tab on the left hand side

Step 2: Select the trigger you want to award, and click users

Step 3: In the Users tab, select "Did not earn". This will show a list of users who have not yet been awarded the trigger. You can either press "trigger for all" if everyone in your cohort needs to be awarded, or award the learners and experts individually by pressing the Trigger icon in each row.

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