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What is a feedback loop?

Every experiential learning activity is built around the experiential learning loop. To facilitate experiential learning, one of our credos is "AMLAP" - As Many Loops As Possible!

The more loops and the faster the feedback, the more your learners have the chance to apply their knowledge and build the skills they need to succeed.

How to set up your moderated assessment

To add a Feedback loop, simply go to the project, click on the relevant milestone and then click the + button in the activity you wish to place the moderated assessment. In this example we will add the assessment to Preliminary Admin, in Getting Started.

Click "Create New Assessment"

You will then be taken to the Assessment editor and be able to create your moderated assessment.

We have designed Practera to support the largest possible amount of flexibility when it comes to feedback. Configuration of feedback loops has a somewhat steep learning curve, but once you get comfortable with the options, you have an immensely powerful tool at hand that no other learning system can offer.

Step 1 - Complete the Assessment Settings

  1. Change the title by clicking on it

  2. Set a description for submitters

  3. Change the assessment type. Feedback loops are defined as "moderated". Practera offers other types of assessments as well, which are described in the article "Which Assessment Type Should you Use?"

  4. Select the visibility, this is who will be completing the assessment

  5. Define team or individual submission. If it is a team submission click yes, only one member of the team needs to submit the task, which will submit it on behalf of every team member. "No" means that each individual needs to submit.

  6. Indicate whether or not the task should have a Pulse Check. If so, you will need to get in touch with a sys admin to ensure this is set up for you.

Step 2 - Set up the Review settings

  1. Automate the assignment of reviewers. If yes, you can choose the role of the reviewer that should be assigned. E.g. "participant" for peer reviews, "mentor" for expert reviews or "coordinator" for coordinator reviews etc. The scope will define the pool of reviewers: If "team" is selected, Practera will assign a person with a matching role that is in the same team as the submitter. If experience is selected, Practera will select a person at random with a matching role that is enrolled in the experience. Practera selects the next reviewer by checking who has been assigned to the least amount of reviews to date.

  2. Automate the publishing of the reviews.

Step 3 - add in the question groups and questions

Full details below

How to structure and set up your questions

Submissions are structured in question groups. Each question group can have one or multiple questions. Each question has a type, which defines its behaviour on the app.

Create question group

Click on "+ New Group" to add a question group. As well as changing the title by clicking on the dotted line of "New Group". If you click on Group Info you can set instructions for submitters and reviewers.

Create a question

Click on "+ New Question" to add a question to the submission. Change the title by clicking on the underlined "New Question" and then click the edit icon on the right to configure the question. For more details on the different question types and how they are used see the article "Creating Different Question Types" for more details.

What's next?

So now you know how to set up a moderated assessment. you may want to explore articles about non-moderated assessments or question types. You will find these in our Practera Design Collection.

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