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How do I delete a quiz/survey/reflection that a learner has submitted?

To delete a submission, go to the feedback table, by clicking on "feedback" in the left hand menu on your admin page.

Click on the number of submissions under the relevant feedback loop status

Select the check box next to the submission you wish to delete. Click on delete submission.

How do I delete a moderated assessment submission after a review has been completed?

If a moderated assessment submission has not yet been reviewed, follow the same process above.

However, if it has already been reviewed, this means you are required to delete the review prior to deleting the submission.

Again on the feedback tab, click on the number of submissions under the relevant heading, select the relevant submission with the checkbox, then click "delete", then "review".

What's next?

For more information about managing feedback loops have a look at the Designing Feedback collection

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